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Give the gift of camp to kids affected by childhood cancer

"I can't even imagine"Words so often that I'm toldYet we live it everydayFilled with courage oh so boldBut even mountains break asunder When the ground underneath them shakesWhat are we but humanWhenMore...

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Give the gift of camp to kids affected by childhood cancer

"I can't even imagine"
Words so often that I'm told
Yet we live it everyday
Filled with courage oh so bold
But even mountains break asunder 
When the ground underneath them shakes
What are we but human
When the world around us breaks...

In honour of our beloved baby girl, Alisha Noor Jilani, who passed away this day last week, we are raising funds to ease the suffering of others going through the journey of childhood cancer treatment.

How You Can Help

This is an evolving campaign and the goal is to support each of the organizations that helped support us during our time of need.

The first campaign was focusing on sponsoring a room at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) so we can support other families that need to move away from their homes to get treatment for their child. We have acheived that goal. 

Our next goal, which is our current campaign, is to raise money for Camp Ooch (now CAMPFIRE CIRCLE). Camp Ooch helped us through this journey and are facing reduced donations due to COVID-19. They are truly a significant resource that needs support. 

Learn more about The Alisha Jilani Foundation below:

Alisha's Story

In May 2019, shortly after her first birthday, Alisha was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain cancer called ATRT. For her treatment, we moved from our home in London ON to Toronto for six months and stayed at the Ronald McDonald House. Camp Ooch provided us with support, which was an invaluable resource for us. They brought a smile upon both our daughters' faces. They also provided many resources for our older daughter.

During Alisha's treatment at SickKids hospital, she underwent numerous brain surgeries and some of the harshest chemo regiments that can be administered on children, including high-dose chemo and bone marrow transplant. In December 2019, her treatment at SickKids came to an end and we came back home.

Two weeks later, her tumour came back.

This time, Alisha's treatment resumed at London's Children's Hospital. Alisha was happiest at home and all efforts were directed to ensure that we, as her parents, were equipped to manage her care whenever she wasn't going through active chemo treatment in hospital. Despite this, she needed blood transfusions once a week, every week, for six months. As COVID19 gripped the world, hospitals became an incredibly isolating experience.

Our little soldier fought on through thick and thin but the course of treatment eventually took a toll on her little body and she passed away shortly after her second birthday. 

Her fighting spirit however lives on in the impact she's had on the countless people who heard about her journey.

This Foundation will be her Legacy.

Alisha Noor Jilani (May 4, 2018 - June 2, 2020)

Healing through happiness at Campfire Circle

Campfire Circle has offered healing through happiness for thousands of kids and families affected by childhood cancer since 1983. It’s where kids can be kids, and families can be families—engaging in camp-inspired community, in-hospital, and overnight camp programs, at no cost to them. As a privately funded organization, Campfire Circle makes thousands of life-changing experiences possible for Campers throughout the year, all across Ontario. Visit for more information or join the online community on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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