Q & A

Why are you changing your name to CAMPFIRE CIRCLE?

Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium merged in 2020. A journey began soon after to discover a new name that would signal a bright future, together. We wanted our new name to place kids and families affected by childhood cancer at the heart of what we do, and recognize the caring community surrounding them. It needed to acknowledge our roots, and carry us into the future. We are so excited to have found CAMPFIRE CIRCLE!

When is the switch official?

January, 2022

What does CAMPFIRE CIRCLE mean?

CAMPFIRE CIRCLE represents the coming together of a community to create a safe space for kids to be kids, and families to be families. It symbolizes the central gathering place at camp, bringing everyone together—it’s where everyone can play a role in helping kids and families heal through happiness.

How will I be able to reach out and contact you?

You can email our general mailboxes: for programs, email [email protected], for all other inquiries, email [email protected]. In the New Year, emails sent to former addresses will be forwarded so that team members do not miss a message.

Will your website address change? Will your social media handles change?

Yes, our existing website will transition to a new website URL in January. Our social media channels will merge, and transition to new addresses. We have plans to bring all of our followers along with us—our team is working on it.

Will you reconcile with the Indigenous community over the Oochigeas name?

We recognize the name Oochigeas has been used without the permission of Indigenous peoples. We believe our new name is a next step in our reconciliation journey and we have engaged elders from the Indigenous community on that journey. Read more about that and other diversity, equity and inclusion efforts here.

Does this change the programs families have been able to access up until now?

Our current program delivery model will not be changing as a result of our new name—programs will continue as they are, until further notice. Families actively engaging with our programs are always the first to know of any program changes.

What names are changing?

Our organization name will be different. Ooch Muskoka will be renamed to “CAMPFIRE CIRCLE—Muskoka”. Ooch Downtown will be renamed to “CAMPFIRE CIRCLE—Downtown”. Camp Trillium-Rainbow Lake will be called “CAMPFIRE CIRCLE—Rainbow Lake”. Camp Trillium-OuR Island will be called “CAMPFIRE CIRCLE—OuR Island”. The Teomul program name and the “Ooch on the 8th/6th” program names will be decided in the future, after additional community consultation.

What names are not changing?

Teen/leadership/quest/intern/7scape programs will keep their current names.

Will camp traditions change?

Beloved camp traditions will not change.

Can I buy merchandise with the new logo on it?

We are working on an option to allow you to buy merchandise. Please follow us on social media channels, or sign up for our newsletter here for these and other updates from our organization.

Will there be visual aids/guides to go along with the name?

For partners that need it, we have a new, and very thorough set of brand guidelines to follow, and we are an AODA compliant organization.

As a partner, will there be brand guidelines for me to use?—will you work with me to share this news with our community?

We are happy to share our new brand guide with partners, and we’d love to work with you on strategies to help share the news. Please connect with your relationship manager.

Where will proceeds from the Sporting Life 10k or R2//NYC other community events or tribute giving go to now?

Proceeds will go to our organization, like always, and we will provide instructions or work with you to transition your new fundraising pages to the new brand.